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Coaching Plan

Enroll Tan sheets

Getting Teachers on Board and Finding a Starting Point Chapter 5 (page 81) Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight
Ways to Enroll - Pages 89-100 Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight


Video reflection sheet - purple sheet
Identify a Goal - yellow sheet
Identify Best Practices

The Big Four: Behavior, Content Knowledge, Formative Assessment, Direct Instruction

The Big 4 and The Big 4 Manuals
Page 100 Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight
Page 139 Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight


Best Practices of HPS
Chapter 1 -Expectations and Chapter 5 - Engagement of Art and Science (Marzano)
Checklists for Expectations and Engagement

5 Tactics for Translating Research Into Practice
1. Clarify: read, write, talk
2. Synthesize
3. Break it down
4. See it through teachers' (and students') eyes
5. Simplify
Page 102 Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight

Mediate -

Page 23 of Participant Workbook (little wire bound book)
To prepare and adapt teaching practices being implemented (content maps, guiding questions, formative assessments, graphic organizers) so that they are tailor-made for a teacher / students' unique needs.

Model -

model, observe, explore Chapter 6 (page 109) Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight

Observe -

Observation Form - Green Sheet

Explore (Collaboratively Explore Data)

Refine -

After Action Review Form - Hot Pink
Reflection Sheet - Hot Pink