Ways to Better our Practice
1. Ready/study literature on coaching
Educational Leadership, October 2011
Instructional Coaching
Unmistakable Impact

2. Coach one another and CIA
share videos of yourself coaching

3. Watch videos of best practice
teachers within HPS
online videos

Instructional Facilitating at HPS

I. Partnership principles form the fieldbook---what do you stand for?
II. Identify interventions you want to share with teachers - pick a few and know them inside and out, develop stories and analogies to help illustrate what is important in each part of the strategy or routine
III. Prepare stuff in advance for teachers - folders, overheads, learning sheets, graphic organizers, explicit instruction cheat sheets, etc.
IV. schedule time with your principal at least every 2 weeks

V. IF's only job is to improve instruction

"If the coach does this task or takes on this responsibility , will it improve instruction?"

What is and is NOT Coaching

A. Enrollment - getting people on board
B. Collaboration, identifying and learning research-based interventions
C. Modeling, providing model lessons for students
D. Observing teachers and providing feedback
E. Debriefing
F. Ongoing collaboration

Maybe: Gather and analyze data - no more than 15% of your time

NO : providing services to kids - at least 75% of your time should be providing professional development / services for teachers